Renting an RV

What You Should Know: Renting an RV

If you are interested in renting a recreational vehicle, commonly known as an RV, there is a lot to consider before you trade in your brick-and-mortar home for the RV lifestyle. Whether you are planning to rent temporarily or permanently, the first step is to understand what all of the options are. Knowing what types of RV rentals are available – and where you would like to live – will help you to determine how to best meet your household’s needs. The Oaks at Zephyrhills, a senior (55+) mobile home and RV community located in the heart of Zephyrhills, Florida, offers lots and stationary models for rent, depending on your needs!

Before you make any decisions about what and where to rent, first think about the RV lifestyle you wish to live and picture yourself living it. Do you want to rent an RV to make weekend trips, or do you want to move into your RV full-time? Are you interested in traveling around the country in your RV, or do you want to be part of an established community? The answers to these questions will determine the right type of RV rental for you and the right place to stay.

  • If you are planning to be a weekend warrior, renting both your RV and a daily lot at a reputable park in the location you are visiting makes a lot of sense. This option allows you great freedom and flexibility while still minimizing expenses. You are not tied to one particular model of RV in this option, so you can change your rental depending on where you go!
  • If your goal is to live on the road permanently, you may want to consider buying your own RV, instead of renting a particular unit or vehicle. You can then rent lots at parks along your travel route, staying for a day, a week, or even a season!
  • If you are transitioning from one home to another, renting an RV unit during your housing search or while your brick-and-mortar home is being built is an excellent solution. With a monthly or seasonal rental during this time of transition, you can avoid breaking a lease or getting stuck in an unfavorable temporary living situation. Choosing to settle into an RV park before a major move is finalized is a great money-saving option, too!
  • If you intend to downsize to an RV and live permanently in an established community, a long-term unit rental might be the ideal option for you. RV park rents are typically much less than those of traditional apartment complexes, where the monthly cost is skyrocketing, and affordable housing is in very high demand.

We hope you see the many advantages and benefits that come with renting an RV or living in an RV/mobile home park! The Oaks at Zephyrhills offers daily, monthly, seasonal, and yearly rates, so you can decide which fits best into your preferred lifestyle and budget. We want you to “Stay Your Way” when you rent with us, and our on-site management team is here to ensure that you have a memorable experience.

Conveniently located right off of U.S. 301 just outside of Tampa, Florida, The Oaks at Zephyrhills is the perfect Central Florida destination for RVers ages 55 and up. With an oak tree-filled landscape and traditional park amenities (including free Wi-Fi) for renters to enjoy, The Oaks at Zephyrhills has earned a reputation as a welcoming, friendly community with well-maintained and clean facilities. For more information about available rentals at The Oaks at Zephyrhills, please contact Kong Management Group at (866) 499-9026 or today.

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