Earth-Friendly RVer

How To Be An Earth-Friendly RVer

Earth Day is an annual celebration of our planet, taking place every April 22. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day events span the globe – but you can be an Earth Day advocate wherever you are! Whether you live at The Oaks of Zephyrhills, an RV and mobile home senior community (55+) in scenic Zephyrhills, Florida, or travel the nation in your RV, we have some tips you can use every day to reduce your carbon footprint and be eco-friendlier:

  1. Reduce your food waste

Research indicates that 40% of all food in America is wasted, but you can take action to help change that statistic! By shopping smart for your food and planning to use what you purchase, you can help reduce food waste. In the RV, make your own meals on the road in your mobile kitchen – and keep the leftovers for another day!

  1. Recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass

If you are at a park like The Oaks at Zephyrhills, you can utilize recycling bins found throughout the park to reduce waste. While you’re on the road in your RV, use plastic bins to store your paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass, making sure to stow and secure them during travel!

  1. Use water wisely

The steps to conserve water in your RV aren’t very different from what you’d do at home. Start by turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers. Also consider replacing your RV’s toilet with a low flow model. Keep in mind – the average American uses 20 gallons of water just to shower – and the average RV tank is just around 40 or 50 gallons!

In the kitchen, focus on meals that don’t require a lot of dishes – think one pot meals! When washing the dishes, scrap the plates off first. Don’t keep the tap running as you wash up – fill your washing bowl or sink with water and clean the dishes there to save excess water from going down the drain!

  1. Pick up the trash!

RVing is becoming more and more popular, which is great, but more people often mean more trash at campground, which is not so great! Make sure you clean up after yourself, picking up litter and throwing it out into designated trash receptacles. (At The Oaks at Zephyrhills, there are bins located throughout the park!)

Also, if you see trash that isn’t yours, pick it up, too. Consider keeping gloves, trash bags, and even a trash picker on hand to keep you safe while you keep nature beautiful!

  1. Spread the word

One person can make a small difference for the environment, but together we can make real change. Share this blog with your friends and invite them to celebrate Earth Day with you. The more people who are actively reducing, reusing, recycling, the better off our world will be!

Learning how we can contribute to the care of our planet is important, in addition to doing what we can to keep it protected. For RVers, that means traveling in a more eco-sustainable way. We also hope that this blog inspires you to act every day to reduce your carbon footprint and to benefit our planet.

If you have any questions about what we’re doing at The Oaks at Zephyrhills to be earth-friendly, we’d love to hear from you. Each of our 75+ lots has a view of majestic oak trees, and we want to keep it that way! Check out our website and contact us at 866-499-9026 or


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