When You Camp in Zephyrhills, You Can Experience History

With its great weather and scenic landscapes, it’s no secret that Florida is a favorite destination for RVers and campers! In fact, the state as a long history of camping, and Zephyrhills is right in the center of it. At The Oaks of Zephyrhills, an age-restricted RV community, we love celebrating the history behind camping and have the resources you need as you plan your next trip.

Did you know that camping in Florida can be traced back 12,000 years ago? At that time, Paleo-Indians made their campsites by watering holes or natural springs (much like the springs that have made the town of Zephyrhills a house-hold name!) Later, the native Timucua camped in Northeast and North Central Florida in the 1200s, followed by Spanish explorers in the 1500s!

Skipping forward, the modern era of camping actually began in nearby Tampa Bay in 1919 when a group of camping aficionados came together to form the official organization of the Tin Can Tourists of the World. As a precursor to recreational vehicles, this group outfitted their Model T’s with tents, blankets, and cooking equipment, then hit the road – which often lead to Florida. Much like today, Florida’s beaches were a popular destination for these adventurers, but at that time there were no public campgrounds or parks!

A century later, those Model T’s have been replaced with the latest model of RVs and their technological advances. Parks, like The Oaks at Zephyrhills, offer modern conveniences to guests, such as free Wi-Fi, and tons of community amenities. Located halfway between the cities of Tampa and Orlando, The Oaks at Zephyrhills is the place to stay while you explore all that the region has to offer.

With the diverse designations of City of Pure Water, Tree City USA, and the Skydive Capital of the World, there is plenty to do in Zephyrhills! The town features national retailers, golf courses, state of the art medical facilities, citrus farms, cattle ranches, outdoor activities, and more. Whether you’re interested in learning to sky dive, hiking in a nearby park, or just relaxing at a campground, you can find it in Zephyrhills.

The Zephyrhills region is also rich in history, and there are several local museums where you can experience it. At the Tampa Bay History Center, you can journey through 12,000 years of impactful stories. Just a quick drive away in Dade City, the Pioneer Florida Museum and Village of Florida History allows you to see how life was lived from pioneer times to 1945. The Zephyrhills Museum of Military History takes you back to the 1940s as you tour a World War II barracks. When you return to your RV, you can look up at the night’s stars and imagine what camping was like for these Floridians across the ages!

Whether you are camping for the weekend or have a longer stay planned, The Oaks at Zephyrhills allows you to stay your way. The tree-filled landscape is inviting, and the traditional park amenities, including a brand-new pool, make every day a new adventure. The Oaks at Zephyrhills is a Good Sam-approved park, featuring 75+ lots, studios, one-bedroom units, and two-bedroom units for seasonal and long-term rental solutions that fit any budget.

Enjoy the beauty of nature – just like all of those campers before you  – and make The Oaks of Zephyrhills your Florida destination! For more information, contact us at (866) 499-9026 or

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